inLitae’Aire: Adventure Between Realities.

There once was a place where broken ended prophecies were hidden away from the matters of the waking mortals. These never-ended prophecies continued their self-contained spirals without hope to ever find completion nor peace. They would cycle and recycle, imprisoned as thoughts, memories and dreams in only the minds of the Mercies that housed them. This was a secret place known only by the Deities of The Mercies and a place never mentioned amongst them. p.

But sometimes the thoughts, memories and dreams begin to stir, stretching their boundaries and making a small tear in the bubble of their own existence. This is the awakening moment. They may awaken to the realization that they exist only to serve redundancy and find that they actually have desires to become something more. These awakened are known as The Breakaways and these are their stories.

The game is run using Seven Leagues: a fantasy role-playing game of faeries.

The Witch in the Well

The opening adventure is about 2 children from a small peninsula town called Shorcoven. Sunny, 7 and “Ghost,” 13 are best friends who grew up on the southern shore. One day they are in the general store and the proprietor, Mr. Tiddle is acting very peculiar (more so than usual) and with shifty eyes, shows them a strange book. Soon after the Mr. Tiddle falls ill and they go into his home to check up on the maligned store owner. The next thing they know, they find themselves on an island in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe the stories are true. Maybe the witch in the old well is awake. Maybe it is only the Seeds of Shorcoven that can stop the witch. But first they must get back home.

The Breakaways